Amateur Radio practice test

July 11, 2015
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Includes the NEW Technician Question Pool!

NOTE: This FREE version contains only 2 of the 10 subelements in the question pool. Click the 'Buy Now' link in the app to get the FULL version.

Join the amateur radio community! Become a HAM by obtaining your Technician class license!

Amateur Radio License exams are composed of questions from a pool. Use this application prior to taking your exam to review and practice all possible questions. Then, test your knowledge with practice exams!

After completing your first practice exam, the question pool screen will display your proficiency in each question group for all practice exams you have completed.

You may choose to receive immediate feedback on right and wrong answers when taking a practice test. On practice tests, questions in a group will not be repeated until all of them have been used.

Some questions require you to review associated Figures. These figures images may be zoomed and panned.

FCC rule text is viewable within the application. All sections can be browsed from the main screen. Additionally, for questions where rule sections have been identified, the rule text can be viewed on the question screen when studying the question pool or reviewing test results.

An in-progress practice test can be resumed if you exit the test or the application.

Additional screenshots are available on the support site.

Current Technician question pool is valid through June 30, 2018. This FREE version only contains questions from subelements T1 and T6.

Versions of this application for both the General and Extra license classes are also available.

This app has these additional features:
• Portrait and Landscape support on iPad
• Swipe gestures to navigate between questions
• Tap on answer to select it
• Buttons to skip to next/previous wrong answer in test results
• ARRL question number displayed on practice tests
• Configurable Test Settings
• Optional randomizing of test answers
• Optional auto-advance during test

What's New in Version 2.8

● Contains new Technician Question Pool which goes into effect on July 1, 2014
● Added support for Retina/iPhone 5/iOS7
● Double-tap to zoom Figures on iPhone/iPod touch
● Miscellaneous fixes

Nice work
by FreakNA

while most other apps have distractions or annoyances I feel that this app only has the relevant information and questions necessary in taking the technician test. Well done

Very helpful
by Geffu2

I learning the questions for the test with this simple app. Not too many bells and whistles, but it has done its job.

by Briandaniel82

My wife is studying for her tech and I'm studying for my general. Excellent free version. We will be buying the full version soon.

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