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March 17, 2022
AB1QB Operating The Flex-3

ARRL developed an education outreach project to introduce teachers to Amateur Radio as an instructional resource and to provide an educationally sound curriculum focused on wireless communications. The goal is to offer the resources to build a foundation of wireless technology literacy among American teachers and students.

What is wireless technology literacy?

A person who is wireless technology literate:

  • Is aware of the many types, capabilities, and limitations of wireless technology.
  • Has the ability to select appropriate wireless technology to convey the message.
  • Has the ability to adapt and adjust wireless technology to meet changing conditions to get the task accomplished.
  • Has the ability to use wireless technology to enrich life experience.

What does the Education and Technology Program offer?

Originally known as “, ” the Education and Technology Program was launched as an entirely donor funded project and today continues to offer resources to schools at no cost with the sustaining support of donors in the amateur radio community.

The Education & Technology Program offers three types of resources to teachers and schools.

Each summer ARRL offers multiple sessions of the Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology, a 4- day expenses paid professional development seminar, in locations through the U.S. The Teachers Institute has provided teachers from elementary school to the university level with tools and strategies to introduce basic electronics, the science of radio, space technology and satellite communications, as well as weather science, programming microcontrollers and robotics in their classrooms.
Through its Teachers Institutes the ARRL’s Education & Technology Program (ETP) has been working for more than 10 years to promote the teaching of technology. In a new teach-the-teachers twist, this past summer, the program sponsored a Teachers Institute on remote sensing and data gathering.

Read more about the workshop.

ETP Schools

To date, the ARRL had provided resources, including radio equipment, to more than 500 teachers and schools! Check out the List of ETP Schools to identify participating schools in your area.

The ARRL Education & Technology Program is supported through generous contributions to the by individuals, clubs and equipment vendors. We offer a special thanks to the Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA), and to

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