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June 3, 2018
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Austin DSTAR W5KA Repeater

The Austin Amateur Radio Club's D-Star Repeater is operational on 146 MHz (2m), 440 MHz (70cm) and 1200 MHz (23cm DD and DV) and our gateway is connected to the Internet.

General Repeater information

The W5KA D-Star Repeater is a project of the Austin Amateur Radio Club (AARC) in conjunction with the Williamson County Amateur Radio Club (WCARC) and operates under the AARC's club license. The repeater is located near the intersection of Ben White Blvd. (Hiway 71 / 290W) and South 1st Street in the South Austin Medical Center. The antenna is a tri-band Diamond X6000 ~100 ft. AGL, which gives us great coverage in most of the metro Austin area.

The repeater is connected to a cable modem to allow local D-Star users to make contacts via the Gateway through the Internet to any D-Star system in the US Trust network. We also often connect to one or more "reflectors", which allow for an exciting type of DX that at times can be international.

To use any D-Star repeater, including ours, users must "register" with one repeater gateway. Only one registration is necessary, and multiple registrations can cause problems for the user. If you are not registered and want to associate through the W5KA repeater, please use the following link.

Be sure to complete the "terminal" tab, if you want to traverse the gateway, because the "system" uses that information to identify you by private IP address. Please allow a few days for the volunteer administrators to approve your registration.

Please send an email with subject "New D-STAR Registration" to

D-Star users that associate with the W5KA D-Star system are encouraged to join the AARC or WCARC clubs to help support the expenses of the 4-repeater-module D-Star system, provide for additional repeaters in outlying areas, and support emergency communications for the amateur community.

Repeater Information:

  • The repeater call is W5KA (Full D-Star Stack, A, B, and C-modules, plus A-DD)
  • The 2m repeater output frequency is 146.78 MHz (- 600 KHz split)
  • The 440 repeater output frequency is 440.65 MHz (+5.00 MHz split)
  • The 23cm repeater output frequency is 1293.100 MHz (-20 MHz split)
  • The 23cm DD module frequency is 1248.200 MHz (Half-duplex Data)
How to Register on the W5KA D-Star Gateway
  • Go to the following link:
  • Click Register (New User), enter your full name, email address, and choose a password
  • After creating a new login, click the Personal Information tab and create a "terminal", Click Update
  • Create additional "terminals" under Personal Information as needed (probably none)
  • Send an email to d-star-admin@ (remove the space) to tell us you have registered.
  • Be patient, it may take 24-72 hours for registration to be completed.

W5KA Registration:
Central Texas DSTAR Group :
DSTAR Digital Group :
W5KA D-STAR Interest Mail List :
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