Ham Radio phonetic alphabet

December 30, 2019
WTF Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The Phonetic Alphabet is used to identify callsign letters in place of just saying the letter itself. This is often necessary when the letters in a particular call sign might easily be confused with other letters in the alphabet. For instance, the letter "S" is often confused with the letter "F." The letter "B" is often confused with the letter "D, " just to name a few. Using the phonetic pronunciation of the letter makes clear the correct letter intended. Also, when searching for a good fit in a vanity call, it is helpful to select letters that are more easily understood in place of those less clear letters.

Phonetic Alphabet

Letter Pronunciation
Alpha (AL fah) November (no VEM ber)
Bravo (BRAH VOH) Oscar (OSS cah)
Charlie (CHAR lee) Papa (pah PAH)
Delta (DELL tah) Quebec (keh BECK)
Echo (ECK oh) Romeo (ROW me oh)
Foxtrot (FOKS trot) Sierra (see AIR rah)
Golf (GOLF) Tango (TANG go)
Hotel (hoh TELL) Uniform (YOU nee form)
India (IN dee ah) Victor (VIK tah)
Juliett (JEW lee ETT) Whiskey (WISS key)
Kilo (KEY loh) X Ray (ECKS RAY)
Lima (LEE mah) Yankee (YANG key)
Mike (MIKE)
Source: www.radioqth.net
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