Ham Radio portable power

March 5, 2024
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Power supply kits are available to make them fully operational stand-alone portable stations. Choose from mini all-band antennas, antenna pouches, both rechargeable and C-Cell power supplies (all of which beat the standard products, hands down!) and flexible solar cell rechargers. We offer a broad selection of hand-portable AC / DC and DC-only rechargeable power supplies that cover the spectrum from very small backup battery supplies, to large AC/DC units that will power your electronics when you are far from standard power sources. With the simple addition of your 5 watt handheld radio, you can have a stand-alone emergency commuications station in a box.Emergency Communications in a Box- all 12V power and accessories for a stand alone mobile communications station. Power supply, inverter,amplifier, recharger, in waterproof dustproof box. Heavy duty, waterproof box holds a variety of options from the bare bones power station to the complete setup with solar cell, inverter, RF amplifier. 1/2 wave portable antenna and more. Choose the box for your needs, and be assured of instant communications when emergencies strike (and in good times - its great for field days, camping trips and power outages at home.) A variety of plugs, cords & chargers along with some useful 12V appliances. You will also find parts for PowerPort power supplies. All those little extras to make your life a little easier out in the field: Solar cells, DC lighting, meters, adapters, extension cords, and more. To get the most out of your mobile HF radio, you need a solid multiband antenna that can go where ever you do. The latest in compact, handheld navigational and mapping tools.
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Ham Radio Emergency Power
Ham Radio Emergency Power
Operating The Juentai JT 6188 Mini Ham Radio Portable In
Operating The Juentai JT 6188 Mini Ham Radio Portable In ...
Yaesu FT817ND radio portable DC power supply
Yaesu FT817ND radio portable DC power supply

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