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October 31, 2018
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technician license study guide
  • Complete FCC Element 2 Amateur Radio License Preparation
  • Logically organized, building-block approach in small, easy-to-digest sections
  • Balanced depth with simplicity for real understanding of ham radio concepts
  • Simple, well written explanations, not just repackaged public domain questions to memorize!
  • Highlighted text lets you zero-in on exam question specifics and language
  • Fully illustrated plus additional online multimedia support, section-by-section
  • Complete online question pool practice organized by section topics for consistency and effectiveness
  • Fully coordinated quizzing and practice exam smart device apps available, for studying on-the-go
  • The easiest way to learn ham radio, prepare for your exam, and really get it!

Is this book right for you?
If you want to earn your Technician Class license, this technician license study guide is definitely for you, regardless of your background. If you have done nothing more than balance a checkbook since middle school math and you have replaced the batteries in an electronic toy, you are over-qualified to pass the Technician License exam with help from this book and web site. If you are a techno-whiz you will speed through this book to license examination success. You’ll get fundamental understanding of radio along with the competence to get on the air quickly. Easy-to-grasp explanations, ample illustrations, and web multimedia will help you intuitively grasp ham radio concepts. You may even find it fun to read!

How is this book different?
Unlike some other introductory ham radio books, this one does not pad its pages with public domain exam pool questions and require you to memorize answers without understanding them! Rather, the pages are filled with relevant content that focuses upon highlighted exam question topics and language, and the free questions are online. When you really get it you don’t have to rely on mind-numbing memorization! Yet other books are technical and dry, and seem to require an engineering Ph.D. to really get it. The goal of this book is to promote good, intuitive understanding of radio without “going professorial” on you. Simple explanations with a building-block approach will lead you to enjoyable learning, successful examination, and quickly getting on the air!

About The Author
Stu Turner, WØSTU, holds an FCC Extra license, the top amateur license. As a professional educator he served as a US Air Force Academy engineering professor for eight years where he honed his skills of making difficult topics fun and easy to understand.

Source: www.hamradioschool.com
Downloading your FCC License File
Downloading your FCC License File
Amateur Radio License V Log 6!
Amateur Radio License V Log 6!
FCC License Renewal - Presented by Gregg Skall, Womble Carlyle
FCC License Renewal - Presented by Gregg Skall, Womble Carlyle

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