Ham Radio license Utah

September 27, 2022
Hamming it up on the radio

Having a HAM radio is essential to communicate in any kind of a disaster scenario! But, having one and not being able to legally practice because you aren’t licensed is pretty useless because you’ll have no idea how to use it. If you haven’t got your license yet, it’s time to get off the couch and get going! It’s very easy to pass the test, if you pay attention in the class you’re pretty much guaranteed to pass. With the class being free, all you’ve got to do is go spend a morning at BYU to get it. The license itself is $14.00 and you’ll still have to pay that.

As for your first radio, I’ll be posting this week about the Wouxun radios that are hands down the best cheap radio on the market (they only cost $120). Once you get your license and radio, there are several nets that do weekly check-ins that keep you in practice with your radio.

If you want to go, you MUST sign up ASAP! He can only have 40 students and you can’t just show up.

Here are the details for the class (as sent by the instructor):

Steve Whitehead is having another HAM prep-class AND a test this coming saturday OCt 15th at BYU Law library

I must limit the size to 40 people so sign up early to reserve a spot. If you must cancel please let me know immediately so I can free up a slot for someone else. If you must cancel please do it as soon as you know you will not be coming to make room for someone else!!
-. …- –… …-
One Day Ham Radio Class for the Technician (entry level) license.
Saturday, Oct. 15th, 2011 7:30am to 5pm

Room 276 in the Howard W. Hunter Law library in the J Reuben Clarke law building (JRCB) on BYU campus. If you get lost ask someone on campus. We start before the library opens so be on time so you can be let in. Park in the lot immediately east of the law building. Don’t park in the restricted areas like Dean’s spot, delivery etc….Enter through the right set of the east facing doors just left of the service entrance and go halfway down the hall and turn right. You are now facing 3 doors with the elevator on your left. go through the door on the right that has the large round sign “caution automatic door”. Go through the detectors by the main entrance and past the circulation desk. Room 276 has a green blinking light right next to the door to your left about 100 feet in. I have an interior map I will send if you want.

An interactive map of campus is here:
Click on “Campus Map” in the lower left. It is building #16 on the
map; the J. Reuben Clark building JRCB.
Another map is here: It is building
#16 in this map also.
GPS N 40 14.977′ W 111 38.718′

From 7:30am to noon is classroom instruction and then a break for lunch between noon and 1pm. Bring a lunch or you can buy lunch at several places close by on and off campus. Between 1pm and 5pm is self study using a computer program. When you are ready, in the afternoon, you may take the exam. You don’t have to take the test that day if you are not ready and would like to study more. There are plenty of opportunities to test later.

Each student needs a laptop computer for self-study in the afternoon. The laptop needs to run MikeRowesoft Windows with an optical drive to run a program from CD. Borrow a laptop if you don’t have one. Bring an extra laptop if you don’t mind loaning it. The room we will be using has power at every seat for a laptop. I also have a CD for Linux and Mactel (The newer Mac that has an Intel microprocessor) laptops if you can boot off the CD drive. If you have access to a laptop but don’t want to install the program The Mac/Linux CD also allows you to run the program without installing it (this is great if the laptop is not yours or if it was borrowed from work).

I have a handful of laptops to loan during the class. There are not enough of them to cover all who attend so everyone who can needs to bring a laptop. If you have an old laptop gathering dust you no longer use that runs any form of Windows I am looking for donations to use with the class.

There is no charge to take the class but the cost of taking the test is $14.00. You need to bring two forms of ID, one preferably with a picture. The electronic form you fill out requires your Social Security number (thanks to congress….). We do not put your SSN on any forms. The most common mistake is forgetting ID and a Social Security number…… Don’t forget!! This is especially a problem with those under 18 who have not memorized their SSN.

No programmable calculators…..The test is given on computer and graded immediately. Specific instructions how to use the exam program will be given. It is similar to practice exams available on the Internet.

Don’t forget:
$14 check or cash
Laptop if possible
Sorry to have to include this section but I continue to have candidates come to the test session without proper ID. You want to take the test not run home to get your ID!!!

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Source: www.utahpreppers.com
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