Used Amateur Radio equipment

July 3, 2018
Used Amateur Radio Gear For
  • Comes D-Star ready
  • Wideband Receiver
  • 1052 Memory Channels
  • Data and 9600/1200bps packet jacks on the rear panel

HF/6 100W Transceiver

  • All mode (SSB/CW/RTTY/AM/FM)
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner.
  • Built-in simple band scope.
  • 32-bit floating point DSP unit.
  • Large monochrome LCD display.
  • Double Conversion Superheterodyne.
  • Three first IF filters.

144/440MHz 50W Digital(D-Star) Transceiver

  • The Deluxe version includes the MBA-2 remote head bracket.
  • Power: 50 watts
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Operation
  • Integrated GPS Receiver
  • DV/DV Dualwatch
    (Two DV signals can be monitored)
  • DV/FM Repeater List Function
  • Dplus Reflector Linking
  • SD Card Slot for Voice & Data Storage
  • Independent Main, Volume and SQL knobs for A/B bands.
  • 1000 Memory Channels

2M 65W Mobile

  • High Power 65W output
  • 200 Memory Channels
  • Vivid Amber LCD Display
  • Large Front Speaker.
  • Weather Alert

Princeton Antennas
80-6M End Fed Wire - 53Ft. - Perfect for field operation. Constructed with Polystealth-26 and supplied with carabiners for easy deployment and take down. A quality antenna tuner will provide a perfect match on all bands from 80-6 meters. 100 watt maximum power.

2M/440 50W MOBILE

  • 1, 000 Memory Channels
  • Dual Receive on Same Band (VxV, UxU)
  • EchoLink MEMORY (Automatic Dialer)
  • EchoLink Sysop Mode For Node Terminal Operation
  • Multiple Scan
  • Invertible Front Panel

100W HF/50MHz Transceiver

  • $300 YAESU Holiday Greeting Mail-In Rebate
  • TX Frequency: 160-6M
  • General Coverage Receive
  • Power: 100W
  • IF DSP
  • Large 4.3" TFT color Display
  • Built-in High Speed Antenna Tuner
  • High Speed Spectrum Scope

HF/VHF/UHF All-Mode Transceiver

  • $100 YAESU Holiday Greeting Mail-In Rebate
  • 3.5" TFT Full Color Touch Panel
  • TX Frequency: 160M - 70CM.
  • 100 watts HF/6M
    50 watts 2M/70CM
  • Roofing Filter 3kHz and 15kHz
  • 32-bit High Speed IF DSP
  • IF Width & IF Shift
  • 160-6M Built-in Antenna Tuner
  • Built-in Electronic Keyer
  • USB Connector(CAT control, Audio interface, PTT/SHIFT control)

144/440MHz C4FM/FM Digital Mobile

  • $60 YAESU Holiday Greeting Mail-In Rebate
  • C4FM Digital 12.5kHz Bandwidth
  • V/D Mode, Voice FR Mode, Data FR Mode and Analog FM
  • Digital Group Monitor
  • 160x40 dots Full Dot Matrix Display with White LED Back Light
  • Built-in 66 channel GPS Antenna(Front Panel)
  • 1200bps/9600 bps APRS Function
  • Single Receiver (Dual VFO)
  • Detachable Faceplate
  • MicroSD Card Slot
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