Amateur Radio Logging

December 16, 2023

HamLog is an amateur radio logging and tools application. It maintains past contacts in chronological order giving the user the ability to quickly add new and edit existing contacts. It is meant for use when operating portable from the field or mobile (drive safe!). It does a lot more than just logging, see the list below. HamLog supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
I try to implement just about every request I receive and fix just about every complaint I receive or see in the reviews. If you leave a complaint in a review please leave your callsign so I can get in touch with you to fix your problem, or email me directly. I cannot reply to reviews.

Please NOTE: This application is not meant to replace a more formal method of logging such as a computer based logging application or the classic paper method. It is more for quick logging while portable or mobile. Personally, I transfer all contacts to paper after coming back from field QRP fun.

I will happily respond to feedback, entertain feature requests, and answer questions directly, please contact me at the email address listed on or QRZ.

Field Day Logging Info:
Sections logged include: Date/time, Mode, Band, Callsign, Class, Section, Operator, Comment
Exporting: Exporting logs from the Field Day tool is via e-mail in the form of a CSV file that any spreadsheet program can open.
Dup Detection: The app does the standard dup detection you would see in a PC/Mac based app. There is no inter-device dup detection. Dup detection between devices is an exercise left to the exported spreadsheet application of choice.
iPad Specifics: Sections worked are shown vs sections not worked for each zone.
NOTE: While I try my best to ensure this Field Day logger is fault tolerant, I can make no guarantees or warranties. Please test and become familiar with it before using it live during Field Day.

Lego Logging Truck 9397 Radio controlled
Lego Logging Truck 9397 Radio controlled
TRRS #0743 - Shortwave Radio Logs
TRRS #0743 - Shortwave Radio Logs
N3FJP Software - Amateur Contact Log Whirlwind Tour!
N3FJP Software - Amateur Contact Log Whirlwind Tour!

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