Amateur Radio Shack

August 8, 2023
SV1BKG Radio Shack


NWS Burlington has 5 licensed Amateur Radio Operators on staff:

  • KB1GYE, Greg, General
  • KB1IOV, Eric, Tech
  • KB1QBI, John, Tech
  • KB1QBJ, Paul, Tech
  • KB1QBK, Scott, Tech
  • Monitored Frequencies:
    Northern New York: Whiteface Mountain ARES/RACES repeater at 145.110 MHz. Daily weather nets at 7:30 am and 7:00 pm
    Vermont: Monkton Repeater at 444.650 MHz, linked repeater system covers much of VT. Monitored as needed during active weather


  • Icom 208H for 2 meter and 440 MHz, Diamond X-50 Antenna
  • Icom 706 for 2 Meter, 440 MHz, and HF bands
  • Carolina Windom HF Horizontal Dipole Antenna
  • Icom AT180 Antenna Tuner
  • Diamond X-50 Antenna (2m, 440 MHz)
  • WX1BTV is an officially authorized Vermont Emergency Management Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) station. The Icom 706 was chosen to match RACES radio equipment already in place across Vermont. Any Vermont RACES operator deployed to NWS Burlington would already be familiar with its operations

    Tour of the Gator Amateur Radio Club, W4DFU, Ham Shack
    Tour of the Gator Amateur Radio Club, W4DFU, Ham Shack
    Ham Shack, Amateur Radio
    Ham Shack, Amateur Radio
    Amateur Radio JA1RTS Shack May2011
    Amateur Radio JA1RTS Shack May2011

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