Getting Started with Ham Radio

July 29, 2023
Getting Started With Ham Radio
Get on the air now! A guide to your first Amateur Radio station.
  • Select radios and antennas.
  • Explore operating modes: voice, Morse code, digital and more.
  • Assemble your station.
Have your license? Get radio-active! Now you can get on the air with confidence. Here, in one place, is help getting started in just about any ham radio activity.
  • Contents:
  • Your First Radio. Advice on choosing a transceiver and power supply that fits your budget and operating style.
  • The Antenna-The Most Important Part of Your Station. Practical information to help you choose and install economical, yet effective, antennas.
  • Propagation-The Science of How Signals Travel. Get the most from your station by understanding how HF and VHF signals travel.
  • Using Your Voice on the HF Bands. Advice on making your first voice contacts.
  • Code Conversations. Advice on using Morse code on the air.
  • The Digital Universe. How to set up a station for digital operating.
  • Chasing Contacts and Wallpaper (awards). Enjoying the sport of on-the-air contesting. Also, earning awards such as DXCC, WAS and more.
  • FM: "No Static at All." How to operate FM on the VHF and UHF bands (including repeaters).
  • "Weak" Signals and the World Above 50 MHz. Operating SSB, CW and digital modes above 50 MHz.
First edition, second printing. © 2006, The American Radio Relay League, Inc.
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