Ham Radio General license practice test

May 25, 2022
2015 G7-1 Diagram

Amateur Exam Study Program 1.4
(System Requirements - MS Windows 95 through Windows 10)

Download Amateur Exam Study Program Now!

Amateur Exam Study Program Features:

My son was showing interest in Amateur Radio! To help him along with his studies, I wrote a simple program to display all the questions in the Technician question pool. While I was at it, I realized the program might be useful to others as well. In addition to the Technician pool, I have also included the General and Extra question pools. We will upgrade this program as new question pools are released for the various license classes.

If the program is already installed but you need to update the program for the latest question pools, close the program, put these files in the program's working directory and then start the program again (Note: Depending on your browser, you may have to right click and then click "Save As"). When you restart the program and select the test you are studying for, please make sure the correct effective date is displayed. If you are running later versions of Windows, you may also have to save the files in the working directory's Compatibility folder tab.

Many thanks to Glenn, AB3TQ, who has generously taken the time to update the quesion pools into a format for this program's use.

Now both of our sons, Chris, KB3KCN, and Brad, KB3MNE, are licensed, General Class operators! The Amateur Exam Study Program was an integral part of the preparation for both of them.

This program is free. Please enjoy it, and share it with anyone you know that may be interested in getting their license or upgrading!

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Get 100 Free Practice Questions at TestingMom.com
Get 100 Free Practice Questions at TestingMom.com
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Godon West WB6NOA General test review
Ham Radio - Are You Really Ready?
Ham Radio - Are You Really Ready?

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