Amateur Radio Repairs

October 20, 2022
We Fix most any dang thing!

This Group is for those interested in or performing repairs and legal modifications to Amateur Radio equipment, and to seek answers to their questions or to post their discoveries for all to enjoy. Emphasis is on Amateur Radio equipment repair, modification and operation.

Please, SHARE WITH US YOUR REPAIRS!. It is a great way to help others to fix their rigs. Thanks!

Please, USE THE SEARCH facility to find information before sending a query. There is a wealth of it on this Group's archives!

Please, keep your postings ON-TOPIC. All posts are subject to moderation, including editing and possible deletion of inappropriate, offensive or off-topic messages. Content must be appropriate for people of all ages. We do not allow non-ham-radio related material or spam on the list.

Using the Group just to promote your products is considered SPAM and is NOT ALLOWED.

73 from your Moderators Team

In memory of Bill Leahy K0ZL (SK 2/2/2009)

Bill founded Amateur-repairs in May 1999. He was the driving force and inspiration of this Group during lots of years. His legacy will survive him as long as we care to continue helping each other here as he always did.
Thanks, Bill. We will always remember you here, at your home.



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