Amateur Radio Clubs

October 25, 2022
Amateur Radio Clubs Plan Field

Wayne OverbeckWayne Overbeck, N6NB, teamed up with W6IT to set new world distance records on 2.3 and 3.4 GHz this past summer. This talk describes how it was done and also retells some of the storied history of the Trans-Pacific Tropospheric duct that has enabled Californians to work Hawaii on the VHF+ Bands ever since it was first accomplished in 1957.

A personal note: I’ve been involved in many aspects of amateur radio over the 58 years I’ve been licensed. It’s been fun. I did some of the earliest portable e.m.e. (moonbounce) work–in places ranging from Alaska to the Utah-Nevada border. Early on I found out I liked radio contests and also building things for the VHF, UHF and microwave bands. In the 1960s I discovered that “mountaintopping” made it easier to win the VHF/UHF contests that are sponsored four times a year by ARRL, the national association for amateur radio. By 1980, I had finished #1 nationally in the single operator category of 12 VHF or UHF contests–all while operating in a parked van or camper on various mountaintops from coast to coast.clip_image002 That resulted in several scoring records that were never broken under the section multiplier scoring system. (In the 1980s latitude and longitude-based grid squares replaced ARRL sections as multipliers and then more categories were added, including the rover, high power, low power and QRP categories). Under the new system I won another 19 contests nationally as a rover and seven in the QRP portable category, setting scoring records for the January, June and September VHF contests and the August UHF contest.

With the success of the first t-hunt in several years sponsored by the Downey club we are planning on many more in the future. The next hunt will be held August 29th at 9am.

Once again the starting point will be the top of the multi story parking structure behind the Kirkorian theater in Downtown Downey. Refer to the June ‘15 Q5 for details.


Bill will talk about Field Day and plans for this years event.

June 26th, 27th & 28th

Setup will begin at 1100 hours on the 26th

David Greenhut, N6HD, ARRL LAX Section Manager, will be the guest speaker for May. His topic will be on ARES operations.

David first earned his Novice license call WN6ICK in 1974 while a junior high school student. He now holds an Amateur Extra license.

His amateur radio interests are DX, contesting and emergency communications. On occasion he mentors or teaches people to become new hams. In addition to amateur radio David is also an licensed pilot and outdoorsman.

When he isn’t spending time with his family or working, he enjoys building his amateur radio station, working new countries and serving the community.

David’s mentor (Elmer) was Rocco – N6KN A.K.A. Roc

David’s current station is a Icom 756 Pro III, Henry Amp., 4 element Steppir with a single 40 meter trombone element, 80 meter dipole, 160 meter series/shunt loaded 60 foot tower and 2m, 70cm and 23cm FM equipment.

image_thumb[10] N6HD_Young

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