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January 23, 2021
Xlog logger; fldigi digital SW

badge.jpgThe Ubuntu Hams Team exists to bring together Amateur Radio Operators and developers of Amateur Radio packages who use Ubuntu to:

  • Provide a meeting place for Amateur Radio Operators using Ubuntu Linux
  • Promote Amateur Radio as an enjoyable hobby for all interested people
  • Promote and help each other use Amateur Radio applications on Ubuntu Linux
  • Organize and collaborate on the development, packaging and maintenance where needed for Amateur Radio applications, both in Ubuntu Linux and upstream.
  • Help provide documentation for Linux APIs, i.e. for sound interfaces
  • Allow experienced Ubuntu users and the bug handling community to help process bugs reported against Amateur Radio apps running on Ubuntu
  • Connect application users with upstream teams in order to facilitate testing
  • And more!

We hang out on IRC in #ubuntu-hams on irc.freenode.com

How to get the latest updates to Ubuntu ham packages

The Ubuntu-hams team maintains a PPA with updated versions of a number of ham packages, which are scheduled to appear in future versions of Ubuntu. The team tests these packages, and in most cases it is desirable for hams using Ubuntu to subscribe to this PPA.

If you are having problems with a package in Ubuntu and there is a more recent version in the PPA, please try the PPA version before filing a bug.

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Source: wiki.ubuntu.com
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Ham Radio Deluxe Forum - Orlando 2012
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