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September 27, 2023
Carte geografiche - Delcampe

Fully updated for 2015 - tested on Win 7, 8, 10

Introducing GOM v3.0

GOM, the Global Overlay Mapper, is a suite of 1 World Map, 8 Continental Maps and 29 Sub-Continental Maps of varying sizes. Packed full of Features, the GOM is an important new tool for all aspects of Amateur Radio throughout the world. More than just a static map, GOM combines the 12 different overlays with an easy-to-use navigation system that can select and load a map from a single click. In addition, every map has Real-Time Mouse Tracking, that displays continuous Positional and Grid-Locator information on the Status Bar, plus instant Beam Headings and Distance Display, customised to your Home location. Also, every IOTA entity is mapped and searchable - its the only Ham Radio Mapper to do so!

What's new ?

During the years 2006-2014 I was away from Ireland, backpacking around the world as a pro-travel photographer, and unable to update the Global Overlay Mapper. Now back in Ireland, I have completely re-written the GOM as a proper Windows application, and added a LOT of new features as well. The latest version also incorporates an easy-to-use Feature-Locate system - Jump to a position on a map from a full list of Prefixes, Capital Cities, Country Names, Admin Areas, IOTA Groups, and over 2500 Major Cities. The GOM is completely up to date with all the latest Countries, Prefixes, Flags and IOTA Groups. You can now plot your ADIF or Cabrillo log on a map, and geocode it online. You can do callbook-lookups, and plot those on a map as well. See real-time NCDXF Beacon transmission schedules, and plot the beacons.

Who is it for ?

The GOM is ideal for every ham, no matter where their special field of interest might be. The local ragchewer, the HF and VHF dxer, International or Local Contester, Field Day Team, Emergency Communications Specialist, DXCC and Award Hunter, IOTA expeditioner; all will find the Global Overlay Mapper an important tool for everyday use.

What can it do ?

The GOM not only places all the world-wide mapping resources for an Amateur Radio operator in one handy package, it makes it quick and easy to find the information you are looking for. The 1 or 2-click map-loading interface means never having to waste vital seconds looking for the answers you need. With the flexibility offered by Overlay Mapping, you can instantly add and remove information as required.

Can I see some examples ?

Sure. In the next few pages, you can explore a list of Features, a page of Screen-Shots, and view the GOM Help & Information Guide as supplied with the package. You can then Download the fully working package, and Register it if you wish - its entirely optional.

What do others say ?

The GOM has been favorably reviewed by a number of National Amateur Radio organisations. Available online is the ARRL review from the December 2003 QST magazine, in pdf-format.

To view the ARRL review in a new browser, click the icon:

GB4WIV WORLD MAP ( 2 by 1.2 metres )
GB4WIV WORLD MAP ( 2 by 1.2 metres )
Amature Radio Map of the World
Amature Radio Map of the World
Amateur Radio Charts and Maps
Amateur Radio Charts and Maps

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