Foundation for Amateur Radio

September 28, 2022
Foundation for Amateur Radio

The Foundation for Amateur Radio Inc (FAR) invites applications for the 2016-2017 academic year for the 46 scholarships it administers.

All applicants must hold a valid Amateur Radio license and be enrolled or accepted for enrollment at an accredited university, college or technical school. Applicants attending school outside the US must provide a brochure describing the school.

Students do not apply for specific scholarships; each application will be considered for all of the scholarships for which the applicant is qualified. In order to be considered for the Chichester and QCWA scholarships, applicants must obtain the appropriate recommendations.

Applications must be submitted by April 15, although applicants may edit their applications until May 7. Data entered onto the application goes directly into an encrypted, password-protected PDF file available only to the review committee. No part of the application is stored online.

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Floyd Virginia Amateur Radio HAM
Floyd Virginia Amateur Radio HAM
J79 FAIRS DX Amateur Radio in Dominica- Gaynell Larsen
J79WWW FAIRS DX Amateur Radio in Dominica- Gaynell Larsen
Amateur Radio Club Station, Dominica
Amateur Radio Club Station, Dominica

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