Ham Radio test practice

April 19, 2022
App Description
  • Amateur Exam Study Program - Free windows program to display all the questions in the General Technician and Extra question pool by N3FJP

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  • Amateur Radio Exam Generator - Industry Canada is pleased to introduce an exam generator software package to facilitate the amateur examination process that our accredited examiners have taken on our behalf.

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  • Amateur Radio Exam Prep for iPhone - Amateur Radio License exams are composed of questions from a pool. Use this application to practice all possible questions prior to taking your exam

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  • AmateurRadio Ham Test - Free software tests for the Technician, General and Extra class licenses by Shenandoah

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  • Elmer - Macintosh shareware, contains the full pool of questions for each of the five exams, and creates sample tests that will vary each time you take them and it will grade your exam.

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  • Ham Examster - Windows application that you can use to test your ham radio knowledge.

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  • Ham University - Ham University includes Morse Code lessons, graded exercises, and a game. Windows program for helping you pass your FCC Exams, contains all the questions for all three FCC written exams. You can browse the questions, quiz yourself on your weak areas, or set yourself a mock exam.

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  • HamStudy.org - Study for your ham radio license with hamstudy.org, a free suite of study tools with user contributed explanations for the questions. Learning flashcards and smart practice tests ensure that you see and learn the full pool while statistics enable you to track your progress.

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  • NuTest - NuTest is a complete XP/Vista compatible training package that will help you obtain or upgrade your FCC Amateur Radio License by passing the written theory tests. It creates interactive on-screen and printed tests using the official ARRL/FCC question pools.

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  • Questions for Radio Amateurs by G3KZB - Program QADV consists of multiple choice questions to help students revise for the Advanced exam that qualifies radio amateurs for a Full UK Licence. It is also suitable for students of the International exam (HAREC)

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  • RadioTelephone Tutor - Helps you study for the Ham Radio & FCC GROL exams. Often times, test questions are worded in ways; that fool you. RadioTelephone Tutor drills on missed questions, till you know the answers backwards and forwards. Can take entire question pools in straight, or random order. Creates a practice test; which represents what you would be given in a real exam.
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