Toronto Ham Radio

September 14, 2022

Amateur (Ham) radio is a popular world wide hobby, for individuals of all ages, and genders. In Canada, amateur (ham) radio operators are licensed by Industry Canada. The mission of UTARS is to promote
Amateur (ham) Radio, in the spirit of the world wide amateur (ham) radio community, and in the spirit of the University of Toronto community. To these ends, UTARS' objectives are to provide training sessions, have an Industry Canada Accredited Examiner conduct amateur (ham) radio operator license examinations, hold scheduled meetings, organize group activities, and provide information about amateur (ham) radio, forboth our members, and the community at large.

Contact Information

Primary Contact ROY THISTLE Secondary Contact Greg Staios Telephone P: Group Email Address Mailing Address 22 SOUTHAMPTON DRIVE
Toronto Ontario

Group Profile

Organization Type Recognized Student Group Campus Association St. George Areas of Interest Athletics And Recreation Renewal Date

Group Leaders

Greg Staios secretary ROY THISTLE

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Ham Radio DX QSO Mobile Greece to Canada
Ham Radio DX QSO Mobile Greece to Canada
CP 246 Southbound to Buffalo from Toronto, Ham Sub, Vinemount
CP 246 Southbound to Buffalo from Toronto, Ham Sub, Vinemount
SSTV at Ham Radio Field Day
SSTV at Ham Radio Field Day

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