Universal Ham Radio

October 11, 2022
Universal Ham Radio UHF

The Comet HD-5M is a universal adjustable lip mount. It comes with a 16-foot 6-inch deluxe cable assembly with SO-239 / PL-259 connectors. Quality appearance and low-loss coaxial cable assembly. It installs easily in only minutes to virtually any lip on a vehicle. Trunk lid, truck rear doors, SUV and van rear doors, hood lip, etc. Does not damage your vehicle.

A lateral support tab is part of the lip mount. Be sure this support tab will not interfere with the opening/closing of the door, trunk, etc.

Mount adjusts in three (3) planes. The first 18 inches of coax is mini RG-188A/U type allowing easy entry through the weather seal into the vehicle without causing wind noise, water leaks or coax damage. The coax balance is low loss with 24k gold plated SO-239 & PL-259 connectors. The PL-259 disassembles for easier routing or to shorten the coax length. Soft rubber pad protects the vehicle paint, 4 large set screws hold the mount firmly in place.


  • Footprint: 3.75 Inches x 1.1 Inches
  • Max Power: 200-Watts HF-SSB; 75-Watts VHF FM; 50-Watts UHF FM
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