Ham Radio license Course

November 24, 2020

Natural and man-made disasters can damage the modern communication network we rely on daily. The loss of internet, cell phones, and land lines can make emergency services nearly impossible to coordinate. However, in the early stages all emergencies, Ham radio operators apply can apply their skills potentially save lives.

Colorado Adventure Point is proud to offer a weekend-long Ham radio license course taught by long time certified Ham instructors and enthusiasts. In only 12 hours youth and parents will gain a basic understanding of amateur radio, as well as gain and practice the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Level 1: Technician Class License written exam. (The exam is optional and will take place the following week.)

The CAP Ham Radio License Course will take place in the Orange Lab (STEM and Design) and at our integrated Ham radio station, which ties CAP into the Colorado Amateur Radio Emergency Services network, and can reach both our mountain property near Ward, and high plains property near Elbert on private repeaters.

Open for All!

This course is open to girls and boys, Scouts and non-Scouts, grades 6-12, and interested accompanying parents, for two days of the high-quality hands-on instruction CAP is famous for. All participants go home with a certificate of completion. Exact instruction and grouping will depend on ages of enrollees, but will be based on educational best practices. This weekend is limited to 16 spaces to guarantee high teacher/student ratios enough radio time. Share the Facebook event with your friends!

Date: Weekend, February 27th-28th
Time: 10am-4pm
Who: 6th-12th graders (and parents if interested)
Level: Advanced (high level of interest suggested, pre-course work required, knowledge of algebra is a plus)
Description: Topics required for Technician Level License include “basic regulations, operating practices and electronics theory, with a focus on VHF and UHF applications” more at this link. This course will be based on the Technician License Book 2014-2018 by Stu Turner. This book is required for the course. It can be found online here or on other online retailers. Please be familiar with its contents before the course.
Advancement: This course is not intended to meet Boy Scout advancements
Take home: All participants will receive a CAP certificate of completion, and may earn their Level 1: Technician Class License from the FCC
Cost: $40 per participant (parent or youth)
Capacity: 8 minimum, 16 students max to assure quality instruction
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Source: www.coloradoadventurepoint.org
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