2 meter Ham Radio Antennas

May 26, 2022
2 Meter/70 CM Dual Band

The J-Pole makes a great base station and emcomm emergency communications amateur radio and scanner antenna. Works well with handheld HT radios, base stations, and repeaters. Ruggedly constructed one piece design, this J-Pole antenna will last practically forever. Copper has an extremely low electrical resistance, making it one of the most efficient materials for RF radiation.


  • Rugged construction for years of reliable service
  • Low noise floor picks up weak signals better than comparable wire or plastic enclosed antennas
  • Wide bandwidth, (4+ MHz across the 2 meter band). No need to retune
  • Omnidirectional RF radiation pattern is balanced for communicating with stations at or slightly above the horizon line.
  • Pretuned and ready to go for the 2 meter amateur radio band

KB9VBR 2 Meter J-Pole Antenna Specifications:

  • Constructed out of 1/2 inch copper tubing
  • Overall length 69 inches
  • radiator 58 inches
  • matching stub 19 inches
  • SO-239 connector is soldered on at the point of lowest SWR
  • Omnidirectional radiation pattern
  • Gain is about 3dbi or about 2.5dbd compared to a 1/4 wave ground plane

There are literally hundreds of antennas on the market, what makes this antenna any better than some of the higher priced you’ve seen or experienced? The simple answer is that it just plain works great. Dollar for dollar, the KB9VBR J-Pole antenna may be the best value on the amateur radio antenna market.

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Source: www.jpole-antenna.com
ham radio antenna in nampa idaho 2 meter j pole and high
ham radio antenna in nampa idaho 2 meter j pole and high ...
another view of the j pole 2 meter ham radio antenna in
another view of the j pole 2 meter ham radio antenna in ...

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