September 20, 2021
RadioShack Black Friday 2015 |

RadioShack Black Friday

The Black Friday sale at RadioShack is small but mighty. RadioShack stores generally do not open until 8 AM on the morning of Black Friday, a completely different plan than most any other retailer. Furthermore, the catalogue distributed from RadioShack every Thanksgiving in anticipation of Black Friday is generally around only eight pages. Additionally, deals are also available online, for those who are not ready to head out in the Black Friday crowds.

In spite of its light appearance, the eight pages or so of Black Friday advertisements from RadioShack offer incredible deals. Sales in recent years included heavily discounted products from Apple, as well as Beats by Dre headphones. Bluetooth headsets, batteries, even iPhones were available for half off or more during the 2013 Black Friday sale hosted by RadioShack. Not only are these particular products extremely expensive, making a 50 or 60 % discount, a huge deal, they also rarely go on sale. One unique deal, in keeping with RadioShack's typical product lineup, RC cars and planes, from amateur to advanced level were available at a great price during Black Friday 2013. These same traditional deals, mixed with high tech electronics are expected to remain constant during Black Friday 2014.

No one who has a game console, tablet, phone, or television set on his or her holiday shopping list should overlook RadioShack. In fact, one mistake many less-than-savvy consumers make on Black Friday is discounting "smaller" retailers offering less hoopla with their sales. Shops like RadioShack offer great deals at great prices, open at a time later when many consumers are already wrapping up a long night of shopping, and tend to cater to smaller crowds. As a result of these and other factors, it is often the place to get the best deals for those willing to give it a shot. Although RadioShack does not offer toys, they do offer videogames. RadioShack also claims to be one of the top sellers of mobile phone technology, including options from Verizon, AT&T and others.

Company Information

Originally founded in 1921 Boston, Massachusetts by brothers Theodore and Milton Deutschmann, RadioShack, then known as two separate words "Radio Shack", offered amateur radio supplies for ham radio operators of the time and communication equipment for ship captains. Over the next few years, the retail outlet would grow to over nine stores before falling into bankruptcy in the 1960's.

Thankfully, the history of RadioShack did not end with bankruptcy. In 1962, Charles Tandy rescued the company when he purchased RadioShack Inc. for $300, 000. The headquarters for the retailer also moved from Boston to Texas. Product lineup greatly increased, in keeping with the times and has continued to do so since.

Charles Tandy made a sound investment as today RadioShack is worth over two billion and boasts more than 7, 000 locations worldwide. Despite a history of vicissitudes, including a recent 20% reduction in operating stores, RadioShack remains a formidable opponent amongst related electronic dealers.

Source: www.doorbusters.net
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