Ham Radio Repeater Directory

September 6, 2022
Scanner Frequencies

The ARRL Repeater Directory®
2015-2016 Edition

One for the Road...If you have the 2015-2016 Edition ARRL Repeater Directory, install this app, enter your book code and have the content delivered to your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®! Now your directory of frequencies for the 23, 000+ Amateur Radio repeaters around the country is available to you…anytime…anywhere.

Containing the entire ARRL Repeater Directory you can...
* Search for repeater data offline by city/state or coordinates. No Internet connection required! It’s ready and there when you need it!
* Find nearby repeaters based on your current location (with location services enabled) and view detailed information.
* Locate repeaters on terrain-view maps (Internet connection required).
* Filter repeater selections by frequency bands: 28, 50, 144, 222, 440, 900 and 1240 MHz plus ATV, D-STAR, APCO-25, DMR, EchoLink, IRLP
*Filter repeater selections by their attributes: Open repeaters only, repeaters with weather information, linked repeaters and ARES/RACES repeaters.

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YU6MM Remote Station on 6m via Ham Radio Deluxe
YU6MM Remote Station on 6m via Ham Radio Deluxe
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Ham Radio Deluxe remote with IPHONE4
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QRP Ham Radio Station Setup and Operation

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