Japan Amateur Radio

October 28, 2022
JAPAN Amateur Radio - Okayama

Read complete details of the Special TIARA Event Project 30 Years Anniversary (STEP 30)
on the special event web site.

8J1JAUS will be operated from locations throughout Japan by TIARA members until 29 February 2016. We will QSL our contacts via the bureau. (You don't need to send us a card.) We look forward to working you.

Background on the arrival of reciprocal licensing:

8J1JAUS Kickoff Operation 08~09 August

left Toshi Wakui JA1PSV on 6 meters,
right Yoshi (Kawa) Kawabe JF1TEU on 20 meters

left Sonobe JH1MPQ on 6,
right Kawa JF1TEU on 20


The next meeting will be on the third Friday, January 15th at 19:00 in Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku. The meeting will be held in Meeting Room 2 of the Jiyugaoka Juku Center, 1-24-12 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku. It is about a 4 minute walk from Jiyugaoka Station.

The Tokyo International Amateur Radio Association (TIARA) holds monthly meetings in English usually in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. Jiyugaoka is just a few minutes from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, or from Oimachi on the Tokyu Oimachi Line. Meetings are held on the third Friday of most months except August (Field Day & Ham Fair) and December (Christmas Party). The meetings are open not only to members, but other English-speaking hams and foreigners residing in or visiting Japan interested in amateur radio.

On the Air Meeting

TIARA members gather on 21.320 MHz at 1000 JST (0100Z) most Sundays for an informal chat. Join us! You can also participate by connecting to the .

The 7J1 mailing list on Yahoo Groups discusses topics of interest to foreign amateur operators in Japan. You can subscribe or visit the archives using the web interface


TIARA sponsors the JR1VI repeater located in Meguro, Tokyo. 434.980in/439.980out (77Hz subaudible tone) and 1272.980in/1292.980out (88.5Hz subaudible tone).


TIARA uses a combination of IRLP, WIRES, and and EchoLink to build a VoIP network in Tokyo. You are welcome to join us on the air via:

US Amateur Exams in Tokyo

The ARRL VEC Tokyo VE Team (which is not directly affiliated with TIARA, but which contains some members) conducts examinations for US amateur radio licenses at least twice a year in the Tokyo area.

You can also to find other sessions.

Questions and Comments

This website is maintained by Jim Tittsler 7J1AJH/AI8A/ZL2IA. and suggestions are welcome.

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JH1OGC Japan on 75 meters Amateur Radio
JH1OGC Japan on 75 meters Amateur Radio
QSO with JA1CCA Japanese Amateur Radio from VK3VCM
QSO with JA1CCA Japanese Amateur Radio from VK3VCM ...
JA9GLW,amateur radio from JAPAN.
JA9GLW,amateur radio from JAPAN.

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